About Us

What can we say? We’re speech people!

Hi! Our names are Hillary and Brian. We met almost eight years ago, and since then we’ve fallen in love, gotten married, had a perfect little baby girl, and along the way, we realized that we both have a passion for writing speeches! As practically professional Best Man and Maid of Honor, we’ve each given multiple wedding toasts over the years, always trying to one-up each other to write the most ovation-worthy toast! But we have also written speeches for friends, ranging from wedding vows, graduation speeches, award acceptances, and more! We’d love to bicker collaborate our way through writing another awesome speech, so sit back while we take the reins and work our magic!

We both agree that there’s no better feeling in the world than wowing an audience with a speech that is funny, heartfelt, and genuine. We would love nothing more than to share that feeling with you for your next big event. We provide completely custom speeches that will be sure to be as memorable for the audience as they were stress-free for you!

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